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Dud Zombies: Dull hearing and terrible sight, but sharp sense of smell. These slow walkers are the least threatening, but they are the second strongest. Once you are captured by one of these types of zombies, it's hard to wrangle your way out of their grasps… and jaws. They are the 'oldest' of the dead, their bodies worn down and they typically limp around moaning from hunger.
Screamer Zombies: The horde gatherer. Screamers are usually children or women, but there have been cases of men being screamers. They have keen sight and excellent hearing, making them the perfect alarm trigger for a potential horde.  Best way to get rid of these guys is by surprise. This 'breed' of zombie crawls around like a monkey; all fours typically, though instead of hands and knees, it's hands and tip toes, their knees bent (Think Golem from LotR)
Sprinter Zombies: The scariest of them all. They are the most aggressive, the fastest, and the most in tuned with their senses. They have the ability to literally sprint, jump, and lunge at their targets. The only weakness they have is that they are not that strong… asides from a single shot to the head like most other zombies.
Brute Zombies: Rare, but existing. These bad boys are the tanks of all the zombies. They are the only ones that would take several shots to the head to put down. With all the rage built within them, their body mutated to make them into hulking maniacs. The only thing that truly helps them though is their near perfect sense of hearing due to being blind and unable to smell.
Zombified Animals: The virus only seems to have effected animals that consumes the meat of the fallen dead. Canines, hogs, felines; anything that is willing to dead a rotting corpse. The virus makes them much more aggressive as well as stronger and faster.
Glow Beings: Having been exposed to radiation for so long, the undead (animal or deceased human) will start to radiate colors of orange-yellow in the day or lime green-yellow in the night. Their bodies are known to become mutated with tentacles, added limbs, dripping poison from their skin, pretty much anything. The glow is a sign that they are not to be messed with, they being the most aggressive and terrifyingly deadly of all the apocalyptic beasts.

Raiders: Mans greatest enemy is himself. Raiders tend to prey on survivors who seem to have it better than them, believing that no one is to be trusted except for them. Though they seem to have the idea that everyone should be miserable no one is to be trusted, they rather contradict themselves with the 'family' they created in the Raider Tribes. Each Tribe has a 'chieftain' who runs the whole ring. There has yet to be any known alliances with Tribes be it with other Tribes or anyone in general.
Cannibals: People that's lost all sanity. They believe that the only pure edible source of food is their fellow man. These crazed maniacs are normally found in areas that have been cleared out of zombies, usually pretty lanky and sickly looking. If they ever find another survivor, they will typically try and make them feel comfortable and safe around them, commonly waiting to get their prey as they sleep. Cannibals are mainly known to be alone or with their personal family.
The Reapers: Humans feeling as though God has chosen them to put everyone out of their misery. Started by a group of religious human, they felt that God had left them on earth with the 'forsaken souls' that were 'left behind' in the reckoning with the 'demonic dead' in order to pass judgment on those. Their form of judgment, you ask? If they find you, they will tie you down and decide to either pray for you and bless you before killing you in order to give you passage to Heaven OR they will simply kill you after smacking you around for being such a sinner. Most people they come across seem to be sinners in their eyes though. BUT, they have been known to recruit those they capture and deem worthy to be part of their ranks.
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